hanseid bendiksen photography

A collection of world wide photography, emerged from a passion to travel and exploring the world - resulting in over 60 000 images from over 60 odd countries on 6 continents.
From studies and work in Australia, South-Africa and Thailand the passion of photography has developed from a hobby into a semi-professional operation for Sjur-Olaf Hanseid Bendiksen.

He is now available for commision work all over Europe and Asia, where assignments include all kind of photography, with a focus on portraits, travel and events. Special competence in South-East Asia, with a focus on the Mekong-region and Southern China.

Kodak and Fuji Digital Stores are used for print-outs, a number of various prints are available, on folio, canvas, metal e.g. in sizes up to 230cm x 600cm. For regular prints, a range of framing options are available, each frame is hand made by skilled craftsmen.

For clients interested in stock photos; DVD's are available, all images are available in high-resolution print quality. Slideshows used on this website is using scaled, adjusted images with low resolution and added noise to avoid theft.

:: Please call +47 919 99 999 or email for questions or commision work.